I have over two months worth of playtime on the sims.

The Decades Challenges

Started: 3/11/23 --- Finished: ???

Hey!!! Nice to not see you lol welcome to whatever this is! I have almost no clue what I'm doing or what I wanna do with this but I'm bored so here I am. Eventually I want to add things like a journal/blog, shrines, pet pages, that kind of stuff but we'll see how long it takes for me to forget about this.

As filler, here's some stuff about me!!!

  • I love horses, horses are awesome, I wanna be a horse
  • Sylveon is my favorite Pokémon!
  • I have a really creepy doll I got from Goodwill on my nightstand
  • I LOVEEEE organzing everything.. except my room. Pokémon binder? Yeah reorganize that ten times in one day. Rainbowloom bands? Counting them and putting them in their own bags. The laundry pile? No.